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Automated warehouse

During the development process, we always thought about design that would be efficient both in terms of operation and economy.


In terms of space, the automated warehouse has been designed to offer room for more stock in a small area than a conventional pharmacy. Temperature-sensitive medicines can be placed in a section of the warehouse where temperature is controlled.


Automatic stocking is part of every MedicPort. Medicines are simply placed on a tray and the robotic warehouse will take care of everything.


All processes, including the stocking and stocking out of medicines, are secured by multi-level control. Our technology provides multiple solutions and many benefits. MedicPort is modular and its design offers a unique brand identity.


The warehouse software receives information about which medicines including the batch identification to expect. Once the medicines are stocked a report of the actual stocked medicines is sent to the central application.


This solution is a significant time-saver compared to a conventional pharmacy where stocking is a manual process.


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