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About the company

MedicPort s.r.o. is a subsidiary of EDM (Entre Direct Marketing) s.r.o. within the Ovision Group established in 2014.

Companies in the group focus primarily on process optimization, process automation, robotics, services and document management in all their forms and life cycles. This includes sales and service of printing HW and SW and the development of system tools.

We help to increase the availability of pharmaceutical goods

In our projects, we have always employed colleagues with varying degrees of disability and this is why we often think about business in a different and broader context.


This time we have decided to invest our energy, financial resources and the above-mentioned experience into a very conservative and seemingly distant industry. However, we believe that this industry needs to keep up with the current trends and technology development.


Our goal is to enable access to pharmaceutical products for all citizens, whether they live in large conurbations or in more remote locations, virtually anytime and anywhere, through fully automated points of sale. We want to make it faster, cheaper and more convenient.


Our solution is modular, compact, safe, cost-effective and operationally sustainable even in locations where pharmacies are being downsized or closed.

The origin of MedicPort

At the beginning, at one of our meetings, there was the lamentation of a colleague who lives in a small town and had been unable to pick up his prescription from the pharmacy for three days in a row because the pharmacy closes at 4 pm. At OVISION Group we have long been involved in automation and robotics processes so we naturally began to think we should look into the possibility of running an automated pharmacy, similar to unmanned food outlets in small towns.


The short answer was "This cannot be done in the Czech Republic because of legislation." However, we found the topic so interesting that we formed a team of engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, logistics specialists and other experts.

We found that the situation is different in each EU country, and there is no uniform legislation. In some countries, mail order of prescription medicines is possible, in others it is not, etc.

The next step was to conduct a survey of existing solutions. We discovered that no one in the EU or other countries offers a similar product.

We decided to set up a regular project and assemble a project team to design the technical solution and to determine the economic aspects for potential buyers.


Founders of MedicPort


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